We have a wide range of roles to suit every skill set across our Departments. See the professions we regularly recruit for and the type of work we do.


DfT Analyst analysing a graph on their laptop.

Would you like to be part of new and exciting transport projects? As an analyst, you’ll be using specialist tools to help DfT make major decisions that impact everyone in the UK on a daily basis.


Female DfT Commercial professional showing contract to male colleague.

We’re looking for ambitious people with innovative solutions to provide value for money. As a Commercial professional, your judgement will greatly improve public services.


DfT Communications professional presenting to other staff.

Do you have a way with words? At DfT, your ideas have an impact on everyday lives. Capture the public’s attention and imagination by creating meaningful communication.


Male DfT Digital professional using a laptop.

Are you at home with modern technology and software? In Digital, we make services simpler, clearer and faster, so you’ll be transforming lives across the entire country.


DfT economist analysing a graph on screen.

Do you have an analytical mindset? As an economist, you’ll provide DfT with the evidence at the heart of major decisions. This is a rewarding role at the centre of change.


DVSA Engineering professional working at his laptop.

If you’re a problem-solver and new technology excites you, we need your skills! Your advanced research will face challenges and vastly improve services across the UK.


Female DfT Finance professional sitting at computer desk with calculator.

Have you always had great people and technical skills? Your financial insight will assist key decisions on how public money is managed, and support government projects.

Human Resources

DfT HR team of two women and one man, smiling at DVLA.

We need people who are passionate about improving the workplace. Will you help us advise on exciting ventures, and support new HR tools and development programmes?

International Trade

An aeroplane to represent International Trade at DfT.

If you would like to join a growing profession, we’re looking for researchers, planners and networkers to help Britain become a global leader in International Trade.


Female DfT lawyer holding papers in a meeting.

If you’ve always wanted to be part of an in-house team of lawyers, DfT is a career-defining place to be! You’ll be part of nation-changing work in a new era of UK transport.

Operational Delivery

Operational Delivery team in discussion around a table.

When it comes to our public services, our Operational Delivery professionals are at the front line! If you love being focused on the customer, join our diverse workforce today.


Male DfT Policy Professional answering his desk phone.

Has your advice often been highly-valued? At DfT, you’ll impact how people and goods get from A to B, and provide proactive solutions for tackling the big issues of the day.

Project Delivery

DfT Project Delivery professional presenting to colleagues.

Are you a forward-thinker? Be part of some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects this country has ever seen! Our work is unique and quickly reshaping the economy.

Social Research

Three DfT Social Researchers collaborating through post-its.

We need technical experts to provide us with the best data for getting to the root of all challenges. Your creative problem-solving will play a key role in improving public services.


Male DfT statistician pointing at a board

Are you passionate about numbers? We’re looking for your high-quality statistics and IT skills to feed a data-hungry world and produce better outcomes for UK transport.