A career with DfT or any of its executive agencies brings with it plenty of benefits. We outline below some of the benefits that are available to employees of all agencies.

Some agencies will offer different additional benefits to one another and we recommend checking out their individual Agency Pages to learn more about what they offer.

Pay and Allowances

We know when applying for a new job, one of the first things you might need to know about is the pay and may therefore have the following questions:

  • What is the starting salary for my grade and I and how will my starting pay be set?

    Your starting grade will be shown in the role description for your post. Department for Transport pay is set against our grading structure and there is a set starting level for each these which varies depending on whether the role is in London (L) or in one of our many locations in the rest of the country (N – National).

    These pay scales are typically reviewed annually in line with annual the Civil Service Pay Guidance set by Cabinet Office and His Majesty’s Treasury.

    The salary assigned to your grade will be visible on the Civil Service Jobs advert.

  • Will my specialist skills and experiences be recognised?

    The pay for individual roles can vary if for example it requires shift working or they may be a supplement for specialist skills. These will be shown in the individual job descriptions.

    The Department will consider whether a Recruitment and Retention Allowance (RRA) would be appropriate in the new role.

  • Will overtime and shift working be compensated?

    We offer additional payments for overtime, shift and on-call duties in line with the flexibility employees offer to cover duties and responsibilities.

  • What if I am transferring from another government department (OGD)?

    This will depend on whether you are joining us as a level transfer or on promotion.

    If you are joining us on level transfer you will move across on your existing salary if the location (London or National) remains the same. The Department will consider whether a Recruitment and Retention Allowance (RRA) would be appropriate in the new role.

    Staff joining us on promotion will receive a 10% increase on their existing salary or move on to the minimum starting point of the pay range, whichever is highest, if the location (London or National) remains the same.

    If, on transfer, pay lies above the new pay range maximum, HR will determine, in exceptional circumstances, whether the higher pay can continue on a marked time basis.

  • Is there a bonus system?

    Our Local Recognition Awards (LRA) are in-year bonuses of up to  £2,000 paid to reward people who make a significant contribution to the Department throughout the year, with the vast majority of staff receiving at least one LRA in each year.


Obviously, if you are just thinking about joining us we don’t want you to already be thinking about leaving but we also want all of our employees to feel that they can plan for financial security when they retire.

All DfT staff are invited to join the Principal Civil Service Pension scheme, which offers generous defined benefits.

We know that everyone’s circumstances are different so we won’t try to give all of the technical information here but key highlights that current employees cite as very important to them include:

  • Defined benefit (DB) scheme open to new joiners – member contribution rates start at 4.60% and we as the employer will contribute at least 26.6% of your pensionable earnings
  • Annual benefits statements to see how your pension is growing
  • Death in Service benefits for your loved ones including lump sum payments
  • Options to boost your pension
  • Partial retirement
  • Defined contribution option if DB isn’t right for you

You can find out pretty much everything you might want to know about the Civil Service pension schemes via the dedicated Civil Service Pension scheme website.

You might also find it helpful to refer to the Government’s free, impartial Money Advice Service pages which help to explain some of the technical jargon and help you consider what might be right for you.

Recognition – Voucher Reward Scheme

The scheme allows managers to reward staff for instances of excellent performance or any significant contribution to the department. This is in the form of high street vouchers.  These voucher nominations can also be made by colleagues, providing an opportunity to recognise each other and give thanks.

Employee Benefits

As a new starter, you will be invited to sign-up to ‘MyLifestyle’.  MyLifestyle is a benefits package giving you access to a wide range of attractive and flexible offers.  These benefits are available in monthly selection windows throughout the year. 

Whilst there will be local variations, our benefits packages can enable you to save money on gym memberships, dental insurance, dining, shopping and much more. In some parts of the DfT family (DfTc and DVLA) you also have the option to buy or sell annual leave once a year.

Cycle to Work Scheme

We promote healthy living for all staff and if you are keen to keep active you are entitled to request a cycle-to-work loan which enables you to save money on the purchase of a bike and safety equipment for your journey between home and work. We have changing and shower facilities on-site and bicycle sheds are also available to keep your bike safe whilst you are at work.

Eye test reimbursement

You are entitled to reimbursement for the cost of an eyesight test and, if appropriate, glasses depending on what sort of equipment is required for you in your role.

Operational Delivery staff member, laughing at DVLA.

Work/life balance and job security

Achieving work-life balance is important for the well-being of our staff and most DfT roles will allow an excellent degree of flexibility around working patterns and locations.

We offer 25 days annual leave on entry, increasing on a sliding scale to 30 days after 5 years of service. This is in addition to 8 public holidays. This will be complemented by one further day paid privilege entitlement to mark the King’s birthday.

DfT offers generous terms for parental leave (maternity and shared parental leave as well as adoption leave).

DfT offers paid special leave for volunteering and public service activities, such as being a Special Constable or a school governor.

DfT recognises four trades unions (FDA, PCS, Prospect and Unite) and actively engages with them on matters relating to staff terms and conditions.

Advances of salary, rental deposit scheme and interest-free season ticket loans

You can apply for an interest-free loan to put down a deposit on a private rental property.  The loan is repaid over 12 months.

You also have the opportunity to apply for an interest-free season ticket loan to assist with the cost of your journey to work. This is repayable in monthly instalments through your salary over the year.

Health, safety and well-being offer

Looking after the well-being of our employees is a priority for us at DfT.

We take a person-centred approach to employee well-being, which means that we recognise well-being means different things to different people. We respect your right to define what well-being means to you and will provide the support you need to achieve that wherever we possibly can. We also have plenty of support groups available if you find you are having a difficult time.