The International Trade profession sits at the heart of the United Kingdom’s post-EU future and is responsible for designing and implementing our future trading arrangements with other countries. International Trade professionals develop trade capability across government that is technically expert, to ensure that we can negotiate and deliver the best deals for the UK.

This is an exciting time to join the new International Trade Profession at the Department for Transport (DfT). Our professionals are currently seeking out international engagement opportunities to deliver transport and trade objectives, and maximise the UK’s international presence. Global economy is growing, the profession is continually evolving and there are a wide variety of roles to choose from – all at the cutting edge of the UK’s emerging trade policy. At DfT, we have broadened our definition of the International Trade Profession to include people working across all international policy areas. Our international professionals are working to increase the UK’s international influence through the cross-government Global Britain agenda. This includes engaging with our priority countries, representing the Department at key global events and working with priority multilateral institutions.

Are you a master researcher, planner, influencer and great at building long-lasting relationships? Join us at DfT and be part of a public service that has a long-lasting contribution. You could help Britain become a global leader, support UK businesses and enhance Britain’s policy influence abroad in important transport policy areas such as decarbonisation or transport safety and security.

What you could be doing

As an International professional at DfT, you’ll have opportunities to develop expertise in business, UK trade policy, exports and investment, international relations, sanctions and multilateral engagement

Specifically for a trade role, you’ll need a distribution of experience – at entry, practitioner or expert level – across four job families: trade policy, trade export and investment, international negotiations, and domestic economic policy delivery. 

Roles may include:

  • Trade negotiation
  • Trade promotion
  • Trade policy development
  • Global export growth
  • Trade analysis
  • Country and sector specialisms
  • International Relations
  • Sanctions
  • Multilateral Engagement

Does the International Trade Profession sound like the opportunity you have been waiting for? Visit Working for the Department for Transport to see what vacancies we currently have available. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

Heidi Catlin, International Trade

“I never dreamed of working in rail… but I’ve travelled to the UAE…”

Miranda Iwnicki, International Trade

“We provide the DfT Ministers with an International Ministerial…”

Ruhana Begum, International Trade

“I have now participated in the trade negotiations with both Japan…”