The Commercial Profession within Department for Transport is responsible for ensuring the taxpayers’ money is spent effectively, efficiently and always to the benefit of the UK public.

DfT’s Commercial professionals are always working with an ambitious goal in mind: to continuously improve the quality of services we provide the UK public while keeping public spending as low as possible. Our Commercial teams help us to achieve those targets by ensuring all goods and services are negotiated using sound judgement while maintaining excellent relationships with some the world’s biggest companies.

Each year DfT negotiates contracts worth millions of pounds and often come with huge amounts of press attention. Maintaining the DfT’s reputation is a key aspect to consider when working in the Commercial profession. To help us achieve excellent value for money to the public we intelligently research, plan, support and deliver procurement and contract management, carefully analyse global markets to ensure competitive purchasing, and develop sustainable commercial strategies.

What you could be doing

There are approximately 4,500 civil servants working in commercial roles across all government departments. The scope of their work includes everything from procurement and contract management to market analytics and commercial strategizing. We’re looking for people to use best practice principles and innovative commercial solutions to deliver value for money.

Some of the roles we advertise for include:

  • Category management
  • Commercial strategy
  • Commercial risk and assurance
  • Contract management
  • Data analysis
  • Procurement
  • Supplier engagement

Does the Commercial Profession sound like the opportunity you have been waiting for? Visit Working for the Department for Transport to see what vacancies we currently have available. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

What our Commercial professionals say about working for DfT

Lila Newton Francis, Commercial employee at DVLA.

Lila Newton Francis, Commercial, DVLA

“My day is never the same and is so rewarding knowing the impact we have can help provide savings for the tax payer and better…”

Peter James, Commercial, DfTc

“The job is fast paced, diverse and interesting reflecting the breadth of transport modes (aviation, maritime, road and rail).”