Getting the best of you

We strive to be a learning organisation. We’re creating a culture where everyone sees the benefit of continuously learning and developing, and being in control of your own growth and development.

Within the department there are a huge range of learning opportunities on offer to help us to be the best that we can be – whether that is as a civil servant; a member of a specific directorate or team; a member of a profession; a member of a network or interest group; or as an individual.

At DfT we ensure that everyone has the skills, knowledge and experience needed to meet our objectives now and in the future. No matter how skilled or experienced we are, there is always more that we can learn and develop.

A supportive environment to grow and develop

At DfT we recognise that most of our development comes from doing our role, and we seek to create an environment where everyone understands what they need to do and feels challenged and supported to thrive.

We also understand that our learning comes from our interactions with others, whether formally or informally, and we encourage everyone to develop and nurture a range of diverse relationships across the department, with our stakeholders, and the wider civil service to share, learn and collaborate.

Audience listening to speaker at a learning and development event.

Government Campus

The Government Campus provides a huge range of learning opportunities for civil servants, from professional qualifications, leadership and management development and eLearning activities.

The Campus is broken down into 5 strands, all of which are tailored to support you as your develop your career within the Civil Service. With opportunities from learning how to work in government, to enhancing your profession or specialist skills and coaching and mentoring, Government Campus has something which will suit everyone!

Learning on the job

There are many great opportunities across DfT to develop your career through our apprenticeship programmes. Each of DfT’s five executive agencies have different responsibilities in helping us achieve our goal of creating a world-leading transport system.

The apprenticeship programmes on offer at each of the agencies reflect the specialist work each department does. Apprenticeships can span everything from Digital and IT roles to Engineering to Human Resources, and so much more! Apprenticeship opportunities are open to members of the public as well as current Civil Servants.

So, whether you’re still looking for the career path to a job you love, or whether you’re looking for a new challenge and change in career, across our agencies we have opportunities to learn and grow on the job while getting paid!

So whatever stage of your career you are in, we look forward to welcoming you and supporting you with your development to ensure the department achieves its objectives and delivers an excellent transport system for all.