The work carried out in DfT’s Analyst profession is crucial to helping our ministers and Senior Civil Servants of Department for Transport make informed decisions. Those decisions directly impact the lives of every person in the UK, as we all rely on the transport system in one way or another.

Our community of Analysts range between 200 to 300 people, and span a wide range of government analytical professions. Between us, we have expertise in economics, transport modelling, social research, evaluation, operational research, statistics, data science, appraisal and science and engineering.

We use specialist tools and techniques to gather qualitative and quantitative research, evidence and data to help make better decisions in policy, operations or delivering value for money for the UK people. Our goal is always to improve the outcomes for the public.

What you could be doing

As an analyst for the Department for Transport, you’ll have exposure to many exciting and innovative transport projects. We’re ambitious in the outcomes we want to achieve for the public, but we’ll rely on your analysis and expertise to ensure every decision is made with sound judgement and supported with evidence.

The types of roles we have available in DfT’s Analysis profession include:

  • Operational Researchers
  • Social Researchers
  • Data Scientists
  • Economists
  • Statisticians
  • Engineers
  • Transport Modelling

When you join the Civil Service in an analytical role, you will also become a member of the Analysis Function, a cross government community for all analysts. The Analysis Function aims to improve the analytical capability of the Civil Service and act as the go-to-community for best practice research and analytical services within government.

Does the Analyst Profession sound like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for? Visit Working for the Department for Transport to see what vacancies we currently have available. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

What our Analysts say about working for DfT

Harminder Mann, Analyst, DfTc

“There are many learning and development opportunities provided by the Department and working in AU means that I can work on…”

Adam, an analyst at DfTc

Adam, Analyst, DfTc

“Our team provides analytical support for the whole department meaning I get to work on a range on analytical projects. This has…”