Our Social Research professionals provide evidence and technical expertise on the social and behavioural aspects of transport. Social Researchers are relied on when creating policies and delivering services across the Department for Transport (DfT). They work at the heart of government – ensuring ministers and policy-makers have the data to understand the context in which they are working, the challenges we’re facing and how these will change over time.

At DfT, we make policies based on evidence. Evidence helps us understand the likely impacts of our policies and lets us evaluate whether they’re effective. This means our Social Research professionals are key to shaping departmental decision-making! As one of the team, you’ll contribute to the reporting of social trends, the development of government policy and evaluation of how policies make a difference to public services across the UK.

Do you thrive in an environment that requires creative problem-solving? Are you a logical thinker who always wants to get to the root of a problem?  

If this this sounds like you, we urge you to join us at DfT where you can put your skills to good use. Together, we’ll undertake better analysis and delivery for the UK transport system.

What you could be doing

As a Social Research professional, you’ll play a critical role in gathering, analysing and interpreting information. We’ll rely on your core skills of critical thinking and the ability to work with quantitative and qualitative information to aid policymaking. You’ll provide briefings for policy colleagues and ministers that will form the foundation for decision-making that affects every UK resident.

Your work might involve:

  • developing surveys
  • analysing data
  • producing statistics
  • reviewing existing research evidence
  • working with other analysts in government

Does the Social Research Profession sound like the opportunity you have been waiting for? Visit Working for the Department for Transport to see what vacancies we currently have available. We look forward to welcoming you on board.