DfT is stepping into the future

It is a really exciting time to join the Department for Transport as we transform both where we work and how we work to become a more regionally diverse and flexible organisation.

Our Secretary of State recently announced our very exciting plans to create 650 roles in our newly growing locations of Birmingham and Leeds. We have been advertising roles in these new locations since Summer 2020 which has already enhanced opportunities, unlocked latent potential and helped us to attract a more agile, skilled and diverse workforce to meet the ever-increasing demands on our Department.

You can hear from some of our existing staff and new starters based in Birmingham and Leeds in the video below.

We are changing the London-centric perception of the Civil Service, connecting our policies and programmes more closely to the cities and regions we serve.

As we are becoming a more national organisation, growing in Birmingham and Leeds, with teams operating across multiple sites, we are supporting flexibility, innovation, inclusion and excellence. As an employer we want to combine the benefits of remote and office working by offering our staff as much flexibility as we can, but also recognising offices will continue to play important part in our future.

There are plenty of exciting opportunities waiting for you at DfT. We are looking for passionate individuals who are keen to join our dynamic, vibrant and continuously improving department. If you choose to join us in one of our newly growing locations you will be part of shaping the future of our organisation in a way which delivers better results for the nation.