Embrace the Rainbow: Celebrating Pride 2023

As Pride Month draws to a close, we take a moment to reflect on the opportunities we’ve had in acknowledging and celebrating the LGBT+ network within the Department for Transport.

Pride is an annual celebration and an opportunity to raise awareness about LGBT+ history, and to understand how we can support our friends, family and colleagues.

This year, we’re taking a look back on the fantastic work of the department’s LGBT+ and Allies Network to help LGBT+ colleagues feel right at home in DfT. The network is filled with trailblazing advocates within the DfT LGBT+ community. People with a deep determination and commitment to equality and the empowerment of others. It’s a dynamic community, dedicated to celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion within the Department for Transport!

Keep reading, and step into the vibrant world of the LGBT+ and Allies Network.

A look at the LGBT+ and Allies Network at DfT

Cross Transport LGBT+ Network Picnic in St James’ Park, London

The DfT LGBT+ and Allies Network is dedicated to fostering an environment where everyone can embrace their true selves and receive the support they deserve.

The committee sets its values on the following 3 pillars:

1. Unleash the Power of Authenticity in the LGBT+ Network

The LGBT+ Network endeavours to create a space where individuals can bring their whole selves to work by creating and supporting an open and inclusive environment at work. The network offers a space to meet other LGBT+ people, and provides helpful news to network members.

2. Amplify Voices of the LGBT+ Network

The committee vows to be the booming echo of unheard voices, advocating for the concerns of the LGBT+ community within the DfT. Education, awareness campaigns, and increased influence are key activities. Altogether, this help to ensure that no individual’s experience at the DfT is adversely affected by their gender, gender expression or identity, or their sexuality.

3. Build Community across Networks

Recognising that strength lies in unity, the LGBT+ Network endeavours to foster a sense of community alongside other LGBT+ networks across Government. Furthermore, this supports an inclusive and modern Civil Service and ensures new policies are inclusive of the LGBT+ public. Through social events and collaborative initiatives, the network creates spaces for colleagues to walk, learn and grow together!

Hear from members of DfT’s LGBT+ and Allies Network!

The LGBT+ and Allies Network is filled with colourful narratives from its members. These individuals, whose stories are filled with packed with resilience, serve as brilliant role models for all who choose to embrace their authenticity. Find out what they have to say about being part of DfT’s LGBT+ Network.

Chris Mells, member of the LGBT+ and Allies Network

Chris Mells

Strategic Maritime Decarbonisation Policy Advisor

“Organisations like DfT, which are increasingly making sure their policies are queer-friendly, are creating genuinely inclusive workplaces for queer people. There are many more avenues to celebrate being gay and look forward to a brighter future than in the past.

Similarly, celebrating Pride over the late May bank holiday this year was one such opportunity. I now have rich memories of marching down Birmingham’s streets with a broad spectrum of people and enjoying the festive atmosphere while holding my partner’s hand. All this is a feat my 12, 17 or 22-year-old self would have thought impossible.”

Nicola Walker, co-chair of the LGBT+ Staff and Allies Network

Nicola George

Head of Maritime Freight Statistics

“I joined DfT the year before same-sex marriage was legalised in England. An article during LGBT+ history month alongside positive news stories around same-sex marriage being legalised was a major catalyst in me feeling able to come out in DfT.

Positive stories and role models continue to be important for staff to feel comfortable being who they are and seeing that they can progress in their careers and that’s something I strive to be in DfT”

David Stowe

Business Continuity Lead

“As an ally, it is extremely important for me that our  LGBT+ colleagues know we are there to support them.  Through the LGBT+ & Allies Network, I am able to demonstrate that support in a visible and collaborative way, and celebrate the valuable contributions made by those in the LGBT+ community within the Department and in the wider world”

Amplify your voice through various Staff Networks in the Department for Transport!

Within DfT’s Staff Network groups, you’ll always feel supported when you join. From flexible working to tailored well-being support, our award-winning staff networks understand what makes a difference, and have the power to achieve change.

What do DfT Staff Networks have to offer?

The DfT has a variety of staff networks that allow colleagues to share their experiences in a safe space and work with like-minded individuals to implement positive change in the department. You can read more about the Power of Staff Networks.

Here’s a list of some of the Staff Networks that lie at the heart of DfT:

  • 50+ Network

    Representing the views of DfTc staff aged 50 and above on issues that affect them, such as career development, working conditions, pay, pensions and retirement

  • The Ability Network

    A staff network for anyone who is disabled or who has an interest in disability related issues

  • The Age and Carers Networks

    Bringing together younger and older staff, parents and carers, to share experiences in DfT and strengthen networks by working together

  • Carers Network

    A network for anyone in DfT who has caring responsibilities, or thinks they may do in the future, to share experiences and work with others

  • Christians in Government

    Supporting Christians of all denominations in DfT to grow faith in the workplace through prayer and reflection

  • Employees with Young Families Network

    A network that aims to support, inform and inspire members by sharing experiences and information on issues that affect employees with young families

  • Gender Equality Network

    Fostering a culture where everyone has access to the same opportunities, regardless of gender, through support, discussion and raising the profile of gender-related issues in the workplace

  • Jewish Network

    Providing Jewish and other civil servants with events and activities that educate and celebrate all aspects of Jewish life and culture

  • LGBT+ and Allies Network

    Helping all staff, regardless of sexuality, to feel able to be themselves in the workplace, and subsequently to be recognised as a supportive and inclusive Department for LGBT+ staff

  • Muslim Network

    Aiming to raise awareness of Islam by engaging, advising and empowering all colleagues (Muslims and non-Muslims)

  • Neurodiversity Network

    Seeking to support those colleagues whose neurodiversity has given them skills that, when nurtured, make them a fantastic asset to DfT

  • Positive Support Group

    DfTc’s principal network for ethnic minorities, promoting the importance of diversity whilst removing barriers to career progression

  • Social Mobility Network

    Positively shaping DfTc as a place where your background doesn’t determine your success, proactively increasing the socio-economic diversity of DfTc.

  • Young People’s Network

    Supporting, informing and providing opportunity for young people throughout their journey while working for DfTc.

  • Armed Forces Veterans Group

    A staff-led group of volunteers to provide support to ex-servicemen and women in DfTc.

  • DfT Armed Forces Reserves Network

    A group of volunteers to provide support for reservists, managers and those interested in joining.

  • The Fair Treatment Ambassadors

    A staff-led group of volunteers with training who can offer a friendly voice or face at a time of need, who will listen and signpost you to the range of professional and other support options available at DfT.

  • EU Nationals at DfT Group

    A staff-led group that aims to support EU nationals’ interests at DfT and across government.

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