Job Opportunities in DVLA’s Facilities Management Futures Programme

There will be big changes made by DVLA as we come to the end of our Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract in 2025. With this there are opportunities to join the DVLA’s Estates profession. 

DVLA’s PFI contract for Facilities Management (FM) services is due to expire on 31st March 2025 after 20 years of operation. This presents a significant change for DVLA as it manages the expiry of the PFI contract and determines and implements how services are delivered from April 2025.

DVLA has established the FM Futures Programme to manage this change. The programme will focus on three streams of work; Exit and Expiry of the PFI contract, FM Futures which aims to provide the required FM services for the future operating model, and a workstream focusing upon the seamless transition between current PFI supplier and new FM service contracts.

DVLA Estate, Swansea

About the DVLA Estate

For over 50 years, the DVLA has been known as one of the largest employers in South Wales, and fortunate to be located in one of the most beautiful, up-and-coming cities in the United Kingdom.

At our Swansea-based sites we house a diverse range of working environments – over 5,000 workstations, two large print facilities, warehouse storage areas, purpose-built training facilities, restaurants and our own call centre.

Our estate today spans 63,000 m2 across the three sites – that’s equivalent to 15 acres or an astonishing 225 tennis courts. The size and scale of our estate and services means this is one of our most significant and exciting programmes of work

There are many different facilities, vital to DVLA’s everyday operations, which are split into soft and hard services. Soft services are cleaning, bus services and catering. Hard services cover building maintenance and the provision of furniture.

Video above: Learn more about the DVLA and our Facilities Management Futures Programme.

Inspiring opportunities

This exciting programme of change means DVLA are looking for enthusiastic and driven individuals to join our contract replacement team in one of our most significant and exciting programmes of work.

New roles will be emerging over the life of the programme, each one critical in helping us shape the way we’ll manage our site and services as we exit the current PFI contract.

We are looking for individuals with experience in:

  • Managing PFI or other large contracts
  • Facilities Management
  • Service Design
  • Project Management

Successful candidates will become members of the Government Property Profession (GPP), with benefits including:

  • Opportunities for Government and industry-led CPD events
  • Access to a diverse community of property professionals across government for sharing best practice, and
  • A comprehensive career framework and learning & development curriculum to support your career journey.

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Watch the video below for more information about the GPP Career Framework:

DVLA Estate, Swansea

Current opportunities in DVLA’s Facilities Management

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