Emerging Tech with DVLA: From Languages to Technology

In a series of upcoming blogs, we’re shining a light on the continued success of DVLA’s Centre of Digital Excellence by sitting down with some of their Year in Industry students.

Our Year in Industry students have now been with DVLA for 3 months and have been busy with lots of exciting opportunities in their respective teams. Jamie, Jonathan and Matthew, who work in the Emerging Tech Lab, have been busy learning about new technologies and practising their coding skills with new languages. This month, we sat down with Matthew Salter to find out how he’s getting on.

Here’s a recap about Matthew:

Matthew, a student of software engineering at Swansea University, comes from Bridgend and has previous experience in retail management.

How have you found the past 3 months at DVLA?

They’ve gone super quick! The whole team were really welcoming, and my induction meant that I felt comfortable in my role right from the start. The smaller size of my team has meant I have been able to get heavily involved in daily tasks which has been amazing to experience.

What are you enjoying most about your role?

I think what I have enjoyed most is the number of different technologies I have been able to experience in such a short time. I have coded in new languages and explored a range of technologies that I would never have come across in university alone.

What have you found the most challenging so far?

The most challenging experiences I have had so far would be the training events for cloud technologies such as AWS and Microsoft Azure. It’s a scary thought when you’re surrounded by much more experienced engineers. However, the knowledge and skills I have then gained from these sessions has been invaluable.

What have you been up to as a software engineer?

As part of the Emerging Tech Lab at DVLA, I’ve focused on learning and implementing technologies such as serverless computing, AI prompt engineering, and cloud services. I’ve also contributed to open-source projects, conducted research, and developed tools to enhance team productivity and project efficiency.

What skills have you been using and developing?

I’ve been developing my expertise in programming languages and frameworks, with a focus on Python, Typescript and React, among others. Additionally, I’ve been refining my approach to project management by embracing Agile methodologies. These skill sets are particularly valuable as they extend beyond the scope of what’s typically covered in-depth during university, given the time limitations.

Have your team been providing you with enough support?

Definitely, we are a small team and therefore rely on each other’s work. This has meant I have had plenty of support from them as we are all working one project at a time.

What attracted you to DVLA?

I saw it as a great opportunity to gain experience in software engineering in Swansea. I knew that being part of a large organisation would provide me with the best training and support.

What do you hope to get out of this Year in Industry placement?

I hope to continue taking advantage of every opportunity I’m given to develop new skills and technologies. Cloud provider certifications, other training courses and skills learnt within my team will be key to my future roles and I’m grateful for DVLA’s support in providing these opportunities.

Many thanks to Matthew for sharing his experience.

Make sure to watch out for next month’s blog where we sit down with another one of our Year in Industry students at DVLA!

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