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What opportunities are there?

How can I progress where I am?

What else is out there that would suit my skills?

At DVLA, we aim to make sure that staff have access to the resources in order to answer these questions.

We believe in giving staff clarity of what is expected of them in their role, highlighting the skills needed for today, as well as those required to progress within a chosen field. Providing our staff with Career Frameworks, enables them to sustain higher levels of personal achievement, giving individuals and their managers the tools to have effective development conversations.

In our digital department, we have been working to build on existing Government career frameworks, tailoring them to the needs and objectives of colleagues. These frameworks are housed on our internal SharePoint site and contain the skills and behaviours required to both excel in a role and progress.

You can find the high-level digital Career Frameworks on the individual career pages. You’ll see a list of skills and job roles, along with the required levels of mastery expected in the Digital Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework.

DVLA Digital Careers

DVLA Digital Development Programmes

Year in Industry

The Year in Industry programme is open to UK students who are working towards a BSc or Masters in Computer Science / Software Engineering or equivalent with an industrial placement

Cloud Academy

The Cloud Academy is a bespoke DVLA programme that has been designed to introduce new entrants to a career in Cloud Engineering

Business Analysis

The programme is aimed at individuals who are keen to develop their skills in IT but who don’t necessarily have a technical background or experience

Software Development Engineer in Test

The SDET Academy is bespoke to the DVLA which has been designed to introduce new entrants to a career as a Software Test Engineer

L7 Masters Degree

Our Level 7 Programme is aimed at recruiting graduates of Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM) degrees, training them to become Junior Software Engineers

What our Digital team have to say

Image testimonial: Picture of Ben Bonsor in a box with quote to the side that reads: "I have developed my technical and testing knowledge significantly during my time at DVLA, including learning languages such as Ruby, Java and Javascript."
Image testimonial: Picture of Sarah Hayward in a box with quote to the side that reads: "My career in DVLA has given me multiple opportunities for personal development and learning new engineering technologies."
Image testimonial: Picture of Laura Peek in a box with quote to the side that reads: "DVLA offers a range of roles that no other company can, where you can progress and make the most of your skills. I have been given lots of opportunities to gain relevant qualifications within the IT sector."
Image testimonial: Picture of Thomas Hinton in a box with quote to the side that reads: "I started here with no knowledge of computer science and I'm currently receiving professional certification which will make me employable in any cloud role."