Business Analyst Roles at DVLA

Business Analyst roles at DVLA play a crucial role in helping the IT Services team to continually improve the Agency’s core online services. Take a deeper look at the great work our Business Analysts do, and see how you could fit in our award-winning team.

Being responsive and adapting to new challenges are key skills within DVLA’s IT Services team. You don’t need to look any further than our response to the COVID-19 outbreak for a prime example.

We successfully moved our teams that were office-based to working remotely in just a 24-hour period – all while continuing to support and improve our online services when Britain’s drivers needed us most. As the pandemic presented more challenges to DVLA’s service, ITS continued delivery of the portfolio of change and a range of new online services to help our Agency’s response.

But have you ever wondered about the people that solve these problems, and how they make these changes a reality?

Some of DVLA’s Business Analysis community

Building services with a Business Analyst

One of the key roles behind these changes has been our Business Analyst community at DVLA. We have a range of Business Analyst roles at DVLA, who work closely with customers, stakeholders and our software engineering teams to understand where the business and our services can be improved.

Business Analysts are able to build great relationships between stakeholders and development teams to shape and deliver services and products that are fit for purpose, give great customer service and reflect our organisational strategy.

DVLA’s Business Analysts have played a crucial role in the Agency’s highest profile projects in the last year. In June 2020 we developed a vehicle management solution whereby customers could change the address on the vehicle log book (V5C) online. Where the DVLA used to process approximately 1.4 million log books through the post, users are now able to easily update their information online and be sent their new V5C in five working days.

We also introduced an online tachograph service for HGV drivers in July 2021. Our new service makes applying for a tachograph quick and easy for our customers, where they can reduce their waiting time by applying and paying online.

Could you be DVLA’s next Business Analyst?

We’re looking to expand our community and have some great opportunities to join us for the next part of our journey contributing to the delivery of high volume, customer facing digital services that are used by all motorists. With over 49 million driver records and over 40 million vehicle records, the opportunity to work at this scale is unrivalled in the region

Being a Business Analyst in DVLA can be a challenging role, and we’re looking for candidates that have a range of skills that are gained from experience. You’ll have the opportunity to work on and develop some fantastic products that will give you unrivalled experience as a Business Analyst professional. The pay-off when you see a product that you’ve been involved in make a real difference to how the motoring public interact with Government is incredibly rewarding.

Do you feel ready to move into a role that will challenge you, and allow you the opportunity to positively influence the needs of millions of motorists in a direct way? We’ve got much more that we want to do developing our products, and we’re looking for more people who have the knowledge, experience and passion to join our Business Analyst community and make a difference. 

Watch as Jodie Lewis describes her experience of working as a DVLA Business Analyst for the last two years.

With a defined career structure and investment in your continuous professional development there’s never been a better time to be part of the Business Analyst community in DVLA. 

If this sounds like something you can deliver on, take a look to see if these opportunities could be the next role for you.

Ready to become a DVLA Business Analyst?

DVLA currently has three Business Analyst roles, suited to Business Analysts with a range of experience. From Associate level where you’ll develop your skills and abilities, through to our more senior Lead positions, there’s a role waiting for you.