Apprenticeship Opportunities in DfT

We are very excited to be launching two apprenticeship opportunities at Department for Transport (DfT).

This is an exciting time to join us at the Department, as we work at the very heart of key infrastructure projects including HS2, Crossrail, Thameslink and technological advances such as driverless cars and drones.  

Transport keeps Britain on the move whether that be the daily commute to work or supplying businesses up and down the country, without it, business sectors cannot function efficiently.

Upcoming Apprenticeship Opportunities in DfT 

Please email  [email protected]  for more information. 

An apprenticeship is a great opportunity to ‘earn whilst you learn’ by combining theoretical learning with practical ‘on-the-job’ experience; allowing you to work towards a nationally recognised qualification, whilst building skills in your daily role and earning a salary. An apprenticeship also allows you to secure a qualification with no tuition / student fees as the programme is fully funded by the department. 

You will spend 20% of your contracted working hours dedicated to your apprenticeship and will be surrounded by a supportive network. You will be allocated an apprentice buddy and will have regular development conversations with a dedicated learning coach and the DfT Apprenticeship Team to ensure your learning needs are met and you are on track to successfully complete your apprenticeship. 

The apprenticeship will provide you with new skills to apply to your job role, ensuring you are continuously learning, in a stretching but supportive environment.  

On completion of the programme, you will remain in a permanent job role at DfT but will have the opportunity to pursue higher-level qualifications, to support your continuous professional development and longer-term career aspirations, should you wish. 

For more information on the apprenticeship standards please click here for Business Administration and here for Policy Officer.  

Outreach session:
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We are holding a virtual outreach session on
Thursday 10th February at 5pm.

Join us to learn more about apprenticeships at DfT
and the exciting opportunities we have coming up. 

More about our Apprenticeship Opportunities:

What does the Apprenticeship offer? 

This is an exciting time to join the Department for Transport. Successful candidates will join the Policy Profession at a challenging yet rewarding time as we support the UK through unprecedented challenges. We have a number of role available within the Policy Profession at the Department for Transport which will enable successful candidates to grow and play a pivotal role in delivering our departmental objectives and priorities. 

What are the benefits of an Apprenticeship? 

There are a range of benefits to undertaking an apprenticeship. This includes having the opportunity to: 

  • ‘Earn whilst you learn’; an apprenticeship at DfT offers you the opportunity to earn a competitive salary whilst working towards a nationally recognised qualification. 
  • Secure a qualification with no tuition / student fees as the programme is fully funded by DfT. 
  • Gain valuable ‘on-the-job’ experience as you will be working in a real role and contributing to ‘live’ business outcomes, whilst gaining transferrable work-related skills which will allow you to build your professional network and progress towards your longer-term career aspirations. 
  • Take your first steps towards a successful career in the Civil Service. 
  • Spend 20% of your contracted working hours dedicated to your apprenticeship learning. 
  • Receive coaching and support throughout the apprenticeship and further placement from a dedicated Talent Coach, the DfT Talent Team, an apprentice buddy.. 
  • Join the department as part of an established cohort so you have a ready-made network of peers to support you through your apprenticeship learning and broader development. 

As with any development programme, we expect participants to engage fully with the offer and make the most of the opportunities provided both formally on-programme, and informally through professional networks and exposure to the department’s critical work.  At DfT, we will ensure that you have the necessary support available for the duration of your time on the programme, and in the run-up to your graduation, as you consider the next steps for your ongoing development and future career. 

You will be supported by: 

  • A Talent Coach: Throughout your apprenticeship you will be assigned a dedicated Talent Coach who will support you for the duration of the programme; providing you with guidance, advice and to help you progress through the apprenticeship learning in the timescales required.  
  • A Buddy: You will be assigned an existing DfT apprentice buddy who will help you settle into your apprenticeship and answer any questions you might have. 

If you have any questions around how and when you can apply for the upcoming apprenticeship opportunities with us, please email [email protected] for more information

Our past Apprentices: Where are they now?

Phillip London

My apprenticeship had led me to the top of the department, and my background and experience offered a different perspective. I’ve had a more interesting and varied career than I would every have imagined; and I’m sure there’s more to come!”

Maddie Carney

“Before joining DfT, I was working in different roles, unsure of where I wanted to go next. Thankfully, I applied for a DfT apprenticeship and haven’t looked back!”

Who are we? 

The programme is administered by the HR Talent & Apprenticeship teams within DfT. As the programme leads, we will oversee the day to day running of the programme and be on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Throughout your apprenticeship journey and beyond, the DfT Apprenticeship Team will be on hand to support you; from the pre-induction stage right through to your graduation from the apprenticeship programme. During your apprenticeship, the team will coordinate a range of activities for you and your line manager in support of your development; including cohort-based learning events, an annual awards ceremony and networking opportunities. The HR Apprenticeship Team will work with the learning provider to ensure you remain on track throughout your apprenticeship; providing additional support as necessary to individual apprentices and line managers and ensuring you are in the best possible position to succeed with your apprenticeship. 

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