75% of women realising career success with Crossing Thresholds programme 

Crossing Thresholds is a year-long programme aimed at helping women progress in their careers. 5,000 women in the UK and overseas have already benefitted from the supportive and structured environment Crossing Thresholds provides. Allowing women to understand exactly what they want from their career and matching it with the mentorship and guidance needed to realise those goals.  

Reading testimonials from the programme’s graduates, many of the women who’ve experienced a lasting positive impact come from the Civil Service.

One such graduate is Rosanna Lopez, Head of Aviation Security – Europe and the Overseas Territories from the Department for Transport. 

Rosanna’s Story 

When do you take the time to think about what you really want from your career? Well last year I got that time, when I completed the Crossing Thresholds programme; a programme for women grades AO-G6 in the Civil Service looking to develop their career in a structured and supportive environment.  

The programme itself contains five two-day modules which are split throughout the year, and cover: 

  1. Career Goalsetting and Planning 
  2. Getting the Balance Right for You 
  3. Succeeding at Interviews 
  4. Communicating with Impact 
  5. Positioning for Success 

The highlights of the programme for me were:  

  1. My group. Crossing Thresholds divides the cohort into mini groups, we bonded over informal coffee catch-ups every fortnight. Being ‘locked down’ for part of the year, I really looked forward to chats with a group of likeminded women and inevitably our conversations would naturally cover our careers, we kept each other motivated and inspired.   
  1. My mentor. When joining the programme you are required to select a mentor from the Crossing Thresholds pool, I was lucky to find an incredible mentor who was invested in spending one hour a month to talk through areas I wanted their support with. Having that commitment from my mentor, I made sure I got the most out of those sessions and put what we discussed into practice.  
  1. Scrapping my plan. I started my Crossing Thresholds journey off with a plan, it didn’t last long, the modules themselves made me really think about what I wanted from my career, question whether I was where I wanted to be, and how I balance what I want at work with life outside. 

The modules will push you out of your comfort zone, and at times will make you feel uncomfortable (in a good way!). Due to the work I put in, I am now clearer about: what my personal brand is; what value I bring; and the balance I strive to achieve in work and life.  

A survey completed yearly found, that after one year 75% of Crossing Threshold graduates have been promoted or have moved into a more suitable job and over 90% felt more confident and had a clearer sense of direction. You can find further information about the programme here and here.  

Whatever stage you are at in your career, Crossing Thresholds will add value to your life and it is available to all AO – G6 women across the Civil Service.  

What are you waiting for – sign up! 

An average of 75% of women have successfully secured a promotion after their involvement in the Crossing Thresholds programme

Civil Service Success 

The results of the Crossing Threshold programme speak for themselves. An average of 75% of women have successfully secured a promotion after their involvement in the programme. 90% of women felt that their participation on the programme gave them more clarity on their career ambitions and their sense of direction. 

What’s more, as an employee of the Department for Transport, Rosanna was able to benefit from Crossing Thresholds being centrally funded by DfT – just one of the many learning and development opportunities that are available to our staff. 

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