Who is the programme aimed at?

The Cloud Academy is a bespoke DVLA programme that has been designed to introduce new entrants to a career in Cloud Engineering. The programme is aimed at individuals with an aptitude to learn and a keen passion for IT.

What is the development programme?

The Cloud Academy programme is a two-year programme where they will gain and develop their cloud skills whilst benefitting from the experience and knowledge of our ITS staff. Those on the programme will work towards a number of industry recognised certifications, helping them secure the knowledge and skills for a long-term career in cloud engineering.

The programme kicks off with an intense 12-week boot camp. Not only was this our first Cloud programme, but it was also the first virtual programme we’ve delivered.

We are looking for people who:

  • Have an interest in IT
  • Are committed to the development programme
  • Have enthusiasm to learn
  • Enjoy working with others and being part of a team
  • Are going to make the most of the time you spend us
  • No formal entry requirements

Success to date

The Cloud Academy is now starting year 2 with the 10 on the programme having gained almost 50 professional certifications between them to date. Individuals are now embedded in teams, gaining further experience applying these skills.