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We are the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, and we are one of the four executive agencies that make up the Department for Transport.

What we do at DVLA

Most people know the DVLA for the work we do providing driving licences, car tax and number plates. But the work our people do at the DVLA is far wider reaching than that.

Our award-winning services are helping to make people’s lives easier, while the great work our people do maintaining registration and licensing documents of drivers in Great Britain help to keep UK roads some of the safest in the world.

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    We’re responsible for:

    • recording driver endorsements, disqualifications and medical conditions
    • issuing photocard driving licences
    • issuing vehicle registration certificates to vehicle keepers
    • taking enforcement action against vehicle tax evaders
    • registering and issuing tachograph cards
    • selling DVLA personalised registrations
    • helping the police and intelligence authorities deal with crime
    • providing anonymised data to those who have the right to use the service
    •  answering customer enquiries and providing expert customer service

Why should you work for DVLA?

Government agency with community spirit

For over 50 years, the DVLA has been well-known as one of the largest employers in South Wales. We currently employ over 5,000 staff on our Swansea-based sites, and are fortunate to be located in one of the most beautiful, up-and-coming cities in the United Kingdom.

There’s never been a more exciting time to look for a career in the DVLA. We’re going through a radical process of change, moving away from a paper-based organisation to a modern and highly efficient business.

In the last decade we’ve expanded our digital service offering and transformed the service we provide our customers, becoming a multi-award-winning government agency.

What you could be doing at the DVLA

Holding over 49 million driver records and over 40 million vehicle records is no easy feat. It requires the input and support from thousands of  people, each with a diverse range of skills and experience.

We offer careers paths in many professions from finance to administration, IT to communications, even nurses and doctors! Whatever your skillset, there are exciting careers in DVLA for everyone.

We recruit the following careers at the DVLA to help us maintain our responsibilities of keeping the right drivers and taxed vehicles on the road:

A diverse group of Digital professionals.

Learn about our award-winning Digital profession

Do you possess the skills and experience to work for DVLA’s digital teams? Click here to find out more information on our multi-award-winning profession!

A female DVLA Commercial professional at work at her PC.

Take a look at the DVLA’s Commercial profession

Have you got the knowledge and determination to succeed in a Commercial role at the DVLA? Learn more about this directorate and the crucial role they play!

Getting the best of you

We understand that to get the best of an employee in any agency it is important that staff feel comfortable, supported and valued. At the DVLA, we are constantly striving to make our working environment inclusive and welcoming so that our staff can bring the best version of themselves to work each day.

A job where you can be yourself

We all have different motivations and expectations from our careers. Each person from our 5,000+ workforce has different and unique background, and the DVLA is a place where you can be you.

Here are some of the things we do to ensure our workplace is inclusive and meets the needs of our diverse workforce.

A job where you’ll be rewarded

DVLA feel it is important to recognise excellent performance and reward staff that have a positive contribution to the work of the agency. Ways of rewarding our staff are certificates, performance bonuses, high street shopping vouchers and annual pay reviews.

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    We provide:

    • a competitive salary with In Year Reward schemes.
    • excellent pension scheme options.
    • access to the staff discount portal.
    • childcare voucher options.
    • long-service awards for 25, 35 and 45 years of working in the agency.
    • help with buying public transport season tickets to help you travel to and from work.
    • free on-site parking and a local free park-and-ride service
    • on-site childcare.
    • 25 days of annual leave (excluding bank holidays), increasing by one day each year up to 30 days pro rata.
    • Generous parental leave options

Flexible working

We understand the importance of work-life balance at DVLA and we have a few different options that allow you to work flexibly. Most of our jobs can be part-time working, job sharing, term time working and staggered hours include ‘flexi time’ or modern flexible working arrangements allowing you to balance your responsibilities and pursue your interests outside of work. Career breaks and volunteering for charities are also an option for all staff.

We work with parents who are full time, part time or shift workers to provide easy-to-access, high quality on-site childcare with wrap around services and out of hours care for older children.

You can also get paid and unpaid special leave to allow you to help deal with those times in your personal life where you need additional time and support.

A job where you can grow

DVLA will support you in reaching your full potential, offering rewarding and challenging jobs, training plans and ongoing development opportunities. There are mentoring and coaching networks that can advance your knowledge and skills within the agency, alongside online learning, and face to face courses.

There may be opportunities to gain professional qualifications such as CIPS and CIPD and within the Digital profession there are several development programmes which allow you to gain qualifications as you work.

We commit to your development by providing:

  • 5 days of learning a year
  • online learning through Civil Service Learning
  • classroom training courses
  • mentoring and coaching networks
  • use of our own Open Resource Centre (library)
A diverse group of DfT staff sitting around an office table.
DVLA staff enjoying a Learning & Development session.

Staff Network Groups

DVLA is an equal opportunities employer and we are proud to have a diverse workforce. We offer a range of Staff Networking Groups (SNGs) who contribute to the Department’s vision to be leaders on inclusion in the Civil Service.

These groups:

  • work proactively with our Diversity champions as advocates of change.
  • promote our work and achievements in our organisations.
  • work in partnership with other networks and the business.
  • make connections with the transport sector and other organisations.

Our SNGs are led by interested members of staff whose aims are to provide information and support to all colleagues across a variety of issues.  The membership to each group is open to all without restriction.

Our staff network groups include:

  • Ability Group

    Supporting staff with disabilities and those affected by related issues.

  • Freedom

    Supporting and raising awareness relating to lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender issues.

  • Unity

    Raising awareness of race equality and cultural diversity.

  • GEN (Gender Equality Network)

    Highlighting and raising awareness of gender equality issues.

  • Carers Network

    Supporting all staff with current or past caring responsibilities.

  • Mental Health Group

    Supporting staff with mental health issues and those affected by related issues.

Your health and well-being

We support employee wellbeing and offer trailblazing programmes of wellbeing events and initiatives. We offer a comprehensive occupational health and employee assistance provision and supportive policies such as flexible working, leave and attendance management.

To maintain your health and wellbeing, you’ll also have access to:

  • 24-hour on-site gym (currently not in use due to COVID-19 restrictions)
  • 24-hour Employee Assistance Programme providing confidential help and advice on personal or work-related issues
  • free eyesight tests and glasses (where this applies to the role)
  • an advance in salary to help purchase a bicycle for use between home and the office

Our commitment to you

We are fully committed to ensuring your job is a place where you want to be. To this end, we’re associated with a variety of organisations who we continue to learn and develop from. These include:

What our people say about working at the DVLA

Lila Newton Francis, Commercial professional at DVLA.

Lila Newton Francis, Commercial

“By having a supportive management team I have been able to progress…”

Dheeraj Thankachan

Dheeraj Thankachan, Digital

“The software I make directly affects millions of people across the UK…”

Laura Peek, Service Desk Analyst at DVLA

Laura Peek, Digital, DVLA Service Desk team

“My team are really supportive and knowledgeable…”

DVLA in the Community

Employability Skills Programme

DVLA’s Employability Skills Programme helps demonstrate our commitment to giving something back. We are proud to dedicate our efforts on our corporate social responsibility and proactively support initiatives that benefit those within our local communities and schools.

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