I’ve worked in the Commercial Directorate for the last 7 years and am currently Category Lead within the Telephony and Infrastructure space at DVLA.

I’m a definite mixed bag of cultures!

I was born in Scotland, but class myself as Welsh.  I have English, Korean, Scottish and Welsh roots!  I’m a busy mum of an 8 year old daughter Olivia and live with my partner Philip and my cat in Swansea. 

A typical day involves leading a team of 13, setting procurement strategies, advising stakeholders and speaking with suppliers.

My job is exciting has it can be so fast paced, one minute I could be looking to buy new exciting software like Robotic automation and the next I’m looking to help provide new telephony kit in order to help the impact of COV-19. 

My day is never the same and is so rewarding knowing the impact we have can help provide savings for the tax payer and better customer service for our customers.

As I work in a digital environment working with over 700 IT professionals, I have the opportunity of expanding my knowledge of learning about the I.T environment that enables me to grow as a category manager, and to provide the best commercial advice and source the best products that are available in the market place.

I also love Working with Arm’s Length Bodies across the DfT family to share best practice and to collaboratively work together to always enhance what we do.

By having a supportive management team I have been able to progress my career by having 3 promotions during the last 7 years. Having the use of flexible working hours allowed me to have the home life balance as a busy mum as well as undertaking my CIPS qualification at the same time. 

The department is a great place to be if you’re interested in developing, with plenty of opportunities to become a specialist and to grow, plus the chance to complete the CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) qualification. Thanks to the support of the directorate, and after five years of hard-work, I’m now a fully qualified MCIPS. 

We also have mentoring programme which is so rewarding having been able to work with my Commercial Director has been an invaluable experience.

I have also been involved with our internal “CLASS” programme which allows me to collaborate with other member of my directorate that I may not usually work with.  These extra experiences have allowed me to adopt extra skills outside of my daily work and build my confidence.

As a department we have recently won numerous GO Awards. I feel very proud to have contributed to the department and work with the people I do.