I joined DfT the International Relations team as my first role in the Civil Service. After studying languages at university, I wanted to start a career working in international relations.

The team I work in coordinates bilateral international engagement across the Department at ministerial and official level. We provide the DfT Ministers with an International Ministerial Engagement plan every six months, which supports a strategic approach to how the Department works internationally. For example, one way that we apply this strategic approach is by setting a number of priority countries for the Department, helping us to identify the most beneficial international opportunities.

Something that I enjoy about working in DfT is the community of people in our Department. When I joined I felt very welcomed by the friendly environment, not only within my own team, but with everyone I engaged with.

I also find the development opportunities very rewarding. There are a lot of teams working on really interesting policy areas in DfT, my role means that I’m fortunate to work with a wide range of these teams. It’s great to learn from people who are experts at what they do.