I currently work in the Analytics Unit (AU) as an operational research analyst. I originally joined the Department as a statistical officer.

Working in AU means I can be working within several project teams, this means day-to-day I can be working on a variety of projects for clients across the Department. This includes HR analysis, such as statistical analysis on performance and awards datasets using HR diversity data. I have also been involved in helping teams within the Department build analytical tools, such as survey tools, to help them understand their data better. Most recently, I have been involved in the COVID-19 team to help deliver insights into peoples’ travel movements using a variety of mobility data sources during the COVID-19 response.

There are many learning and development opportunities provided by the Department and working in AU means that I can work on a diverse range of projects related to transport. As an operational research (OR) analyst, there is an opportunity to learn about various OR techniques through project work and attending conferences and events. Coming from a statistics background, I have not just been able to develop R skills and apply statistical techniques but had an introduction to soft OR techniques such as systems thinking through workshops and projects.