I have been with the agency for over 7 years and within this time have changed roles 3 times. I currently work in HR Expert Services in a supporting role. As a team we are the “Specialist” on all disciplines of HR, ie Equality & Diversity, Pay, Rewards, Wellbeing, Resourcing.

I support all the different “Specialists” along with my grade 6 & 7 and no two days are the same!

One minute I am coordinating and organising meetings, internally and across government, the next I may be working on how to promote wellbeing within the agency. Setting up forums or polls, the next I could be researching into policies for a tribunal case. A week later I may be looking at in-depth research on smarter working and have even turned my hand at helping to set up a webinar.

Whilst I am a small cog within the team, I’m the one who coordinates, reminds the team and keeps our objectives and keeps everything ticking along. I do a lot of things behind the screens which proactively helps the Specialists to do their roles.

For me I find the flexible working suits my family life and gives me a good work life balance. I have also found that within DVSA there has been plenty of career opportunities, movement to change, or try something new what you have been doing and have recently gained promotion.

I have been incredibly lucky to have had the full supportive from both my previous and current team and management and that they have been the ones to highlight learning and development opportunities within my roles, along with me asking about opportunities.

2019 I completed “Crossing Thresholds” a cross government course which helps women to focus their career within the civil service.

After I had completed this I decided to do an inhouse apprenticeship and have recently graduated with a distinction in Business Administration. Which is not only a desirable skill it is also transferable and will help me in which ever role I go for next!

I feel like I am part of team and what we do does make a difference, together big cog or little cog we are making a difference to make Great Britain’s road safer.