Charmaine Perks, Legislation Analyst and Manager

I joined VCA in 2018 after 27 years at another DfT agency. I am part of the newly formed Regulatory and Technologies Group – RTG.

I have felt very welcomed at VCA and quickly formed friendships and support networks. As a smaller agency I can usually find an answer or resource with ease because if they aren’t at my fingertips I just walk through the offices and ask as everyone is willing to help. There is a complete open door policy across all grades including the CEO.

Although the Type Approval processes and associated processes initially appeared complex I‘ve achieved a huge satisfaction from learning a new set of skills. I had relevant training and support to develop those skills required which are now organically evolving. I have a good rapport with VCA’s external customers and the RTGs internal customers. Each sub group of RTG has an Engineering expertise and members openly share knowledge to teach the non technical wider team members an appropriate level of understanding on a given subject.

Being in a desk based job the expectation to travel is minimal which sits well with my home life. I achieve a good work / home life balance with a considerate and reasonable line management chain. I am sufficiently challenged and feel my concerns are considered appropriately.

I enjoy my job and actually sharing time with my colleagues at VCA.