My role is varied; daily I can assess anything from a 3.5 tonne to a maximum weight Heavy Goods Vehicle, to trailers and Public Service Vehicles. Throughout the day I conduct visual checks of vehicles, climbing up into lorry cabs and going down into the service pit to assess the underneath of vehicles, checking their safety and condition. I am ensuring these vehicles are safe and adhere to Government guidelines.

Alongside this I conduct technical tests, seeing if vehicles are meeting the required criteria and are compliant. I then issue certificates to reflect this. These tests ensure high standards are maintained and vehicles are safe to be on Britain’s roads. My work contributes to the safety of all road users and brings me great satisfaction.

Since joining The DVSA I have felt a sense of belonging and support, and I feel acknowledged for my work and efforts. I collaborate with many colleagues across the Agency and The DVSA ensures all their staff are part of an inclusive environment.

I work with a diverse team with varied experience and cultures, that embraces differences. This allows everyone to bring their own perspective and talent to their role and team.