What is it like working in DVSA Digital? 

I’ve been working at DVSA since February 2022 when I joined as a Content Designer. Since then, I’ve been involved in lots of interesting projects from MOT reminders to Vehicle Operator Licensing. There have been so many opportunities to develop my skills and working here has enabled me to move into my current role as a Senior Service Designer. The people I work with are supportive, curious, and enthusiastic about creating services that improve people’s lives. It’s an ideal environment for a Service Designer. 

What is the most exciting part of this role? 

We get to work on projects that have a real impact to millions of people every day. At the same time, we’re trusted to challenge traditional ways of approaching problems and put forward solutions that meet our users’ needs. It’s exciting to work without constraints but still have the support of an experienced Service Design team and the design resources developed by GOV.UK. 

Why would you join our team? 

I’ve found my experience in Content Design to be so useful to the role, but there are many angles you can approach Service Design from and my colleagues in the Service Design team all have their own distinct backgrounds and specialisations. If you’re looking for a role that gives you the freedom to explore and experiment and allows you to make the most of the skills you’ve already developed then DVSA is the perfect fit.