I was training to be an MOT tester when the trainer told me that DVSA were recruiting for vehicle inspectors. Having previously worked in a garage and as a service team leader at a car dealership, it sounded like a great opportunity.

Being a vehicle inspector was an immensely satisfying job. I was responsible for inspecting public service vehicles, heavy goods vehicles during annual statutory tests and some other speciality inspection schemes. In doing this, I knew that I was playing an important part in helping to keep people safe on our roads.

With my commitment, positive attitude and the training and support provided, I have since become a vehicle examiner. This involves monitoring and regulating the MOT scheme, carrying out roadside traffic enforcement checks, monitoring the operator licence scheme on behalf of the Traffic Commissioner and other special investigations with other agencies including the police.

I really like the variety of being a vehicle examiner. One day I can be carrying out roadside enforcement checks on HGVs, another day I may be visiting an operator with a fleet of vehicles as part of an investigation by the Traffic Commissioner or following up on roadside encounter at an Operator’s premises. Another part of the job that I really enjoy is visiting vehicle test stations. I investigate, monitor and regulate them as well as educate them to support compliance. A non-compliant vehicle test station risks having its licence revoked and being prosecuted for fraud.

Along with the great communication skills that are needed to deal with a range of different situations, I’ve also developed good detective skills. You gain an instinct for when something’s not right. It’s rewarding to trust your intuition and discover a driver has been trying to hide something like a tampering device to overcome the speed limiter or emission cheating equipment on their vehicle.

I value the many benefits of working at DVSA. Things like a generous holiday allowance, tax free childcare scheme and a good pension.  The vehicle examiner role allows me to work with great flexibility, and I often plan my own work. It is a very rewarding role.

The DVSA is an inclusive employer. I’ve worked with some great managers who’ve been very supportive. I’ve been given excellent training and personal development opportunities. A project management course lead to me being a part of the ‘New Generation Testing’ project which successfully transformed our ways of working with authorised testing facilities (ATFs). I have also had my first line managers training; this paves the way for me into a future management role.