I started my career in DVSA as a vehicle standards assessor (VSA) carrying out annual checks on trucks, buses and other large or specialised vehicles.

I was recently promoted to technical team leader (TTL) managing a team of nine VSAs.

Along with line management responsibility and offering technical support to the team, another aspect of the TTL role is carrying out health and safety checks at Authorised Testing Sites (ATFs) where we do our vehicle inspections.

To be a TTL you don’t just need to mechanically minded. We work with people every day, so you need to have a great customer focus and a high level of professionalism.

A good day for me is when I can arrange to be at an ATF on the same day as a member of my team. It allows me to do some quality checks on their work and we can catch up. As we work remotely, we don’t get to spend much time together.

As a team leader, I’m happy when my team is happy, and when testing sites and vehicles are safe. I have a really varied and rewarding role and I’m proud of the contribution I make to our vision of safer drivers, safer vehicles, and safer journeys for all. 

There are many things I value about working at DVSA, including having a flexible working pattern. I am able to start early and finish early, meaning there are days when I can collect my child from nursery.

In my time at DVSA, diversity has come a long way. It’s a very supportive place to work and other members of the vehicle testing team are always available if you need help. There’s a lot of opportunity to develop personally, too, I’ve attended various management courses and I’m looking forward to starting a Leadership and Management Team Leader Apprenticeship (Level 3) soon.