I am one of ten Enforcement Delivery Managers (EDM) nationally and I manage the enforcement team for the London Metropolitan area. I am responsible for the delivery of enforcement targets and objectives for the area.  I manage a team of 6 managers, who in turn manage their own teams of between 8 to 14 traffic and vehicle examiners. The teams carry out roadside inspections of vehicles to ensure compliance with all legislation in accordance with the Road Traffic Act.  They also visit Operators (companies who run fleets) to ensure compliance and report any shortcomings to the Traffic Commissioners.  We also manage the MOT scheme to ensure compliance with MOT testers and garages.

As EDM in London I occupy a key role in the London Freight Enforcement Partnership (LFEP).  I have established professional relationships with other stakeholders, and regularly engage with senior officers from all Police forces, Transport for London (TfL) and the Environment Agency to ensure DVSA holds its position as a key partner in the LFEP.

My role is extremely varied, and I thoroughly enjoy coming to work.  My days can be very different, for example I began my day today with a meeting with my 6 managers, followed by a discussion about our tactical options for investigations we currently have ongoing, and how we are best placed ourselves to deal with them.  Tomorrow I’m out with our teams providing support at a roadside check.

What makes my job exciting is knowing we are pro-actively helping to keep people safe on the roads by dealing with non-compliant drivers and operators.  Knowing we have taken one dangerous vehicle or driver off the road means we help to keep the travelling public safe. This gives me an enormous sense of pride.

I enjoy being a Civil Servant immensely as I feel I am a part of a much larger organisation.  Working for the Department for Transport (DfT) as part of the enforcement delivery team means I feel I am making a difference every day.  The work is challenging but it is very rewarding. I enjoy supporting my teams in their work and encouraging managers to provide support and guidance which builds inclusive working practices.  I enjoy being a part of a diverse team and seeing individuals develop and progress. 

My working day is fairly flexible, which is good as it allows me to get the correct balance between work and home life.  I have developed myself in the 11 years I have worked for DVSA, gaining several qualifications and completing relevant training courses to enhance my management skills.  I have plenty of opportunities to further my career and have moved from EO grade to HEO, and then onto SEO grade.  For someone who joined with absolutely no background in transport, I have gained so many new skills which have allowed me to progress my career to where I am now.