I joined the DVSA in 2015 after spending eleven years as an ADI. I have Cerebral Palsey and use a wheelchair to get around. I have a keen interest in the direction of the DVSA and road safety.

My primary role is to conduct driving tests, making sure people meet the required standard to drive safely on our roads. I get to meet people from all walks of life and I become part of their learning to drive journey. I get to use all of my customer service skills as well as my in-depth knowledge of driving and rules of the road. I work as part of a diverse team to make sure the test centre runs smoothly on a daily basis. A key element to my role is to be able to work and make decisions independently as well as being able to take on the view of others when working as part of a team both locally in my office and nationally as part of the wider civil service.

I think the DVSA is a great place to work and the DfT as a whole. I feel valued and trusted in my job by management. DVSA promotes a well-rounded working culture in which everyone is respected and I get to work with great people from all different backgrounds in my team. We are expected to demonstrate an extremely high level of skill and accuracy when we are working. In return we get a number of employee benefits including a very generous annual leave allocation, pension and employee assistance program. The DVSA also offers flexible working packages such as full and part time working patterns and in my case term time working to allow me to look after my son in the school holidays. Career progression is also a big plus within DVSA. I have been able to progress within my job to become a mentor so I help to bring new driving examiners into the agency and help with their training. If your wanting to progress into other areas of the Civil Service this is an option too.

I would highly recommend DVSA as a place to work. I am always listened to and my needs taken into account to allow me to perform the best I can as a Driving Examiner.