DVSA, Digital, Caroline Simpson

I started at DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) in 1989 as an Administrative Assistant in the contact centre for driving test bookings. I have climbed the corporate ladder, and I am now a Cyber Security Manager. I am still here, some 34 years later, and I have been able to progress my career and skills during the years. I like it because it is committed to being an inclusive employer and ensuring equal opportunities, and the workforce is representative of the public that we serve. On her personal level, being a working mum, I have previously been able to adapt my hours and change roles to enable me to raise my son as well as job sharing with a colleague.

I have witnessed firsthand the changes over the years from manual processes migrating to digitalised systems with the support of applications to enable the whole workforce to carry out their roles more efficiently and effectively. We are collectively in our many distinct roles contributing towards DVSA’s vision by 2030, to keep Britain moving, safely and sustainably by making road transport safer, greener, and healthier. 

What is the most exciting part of this role? 

 As an Information Security Manager, you will be the point of contact for both internal and external customers, providing cyber security advice and guidance on best practices to ensure compliance with legislation and standards. This will provide assurance for all users of our services that their data is being processed appropriately and securely.  When thinking about the services you could be involved with, they touch many people’s lives: driving tests, MOTs (Matters of Testing), Enforcement on the roads and Goods Operator.  You will feel a sense of pride and know that you are making a difference when you have been involved in a project, who are developing a new service that will benefit many people.  

Why would you join our team? 

If you are passionate and excited about innovative technologies, are motivated to dig deep to understand the complexities of vulnerabilities and have a willingness to articulate those risks to different audiences depending on their understanding. Then you will be joining a team who are like minded, and who are proud of what they are doing and the value they bring.  You really will feel like you are part of something and will have the space and support to develop your skills in an environment that is supportive and inclusive.  Don’t get me wrong, there are challenges, such as when a zero-day vulnerability becomes known, and we must take immediate action to ensure that a patch is implemented as soon possible, or an incident is managed appropriately to minimise the impact and risk to the business. I can honestly say that no two days are the same, so if you are intrigued by what the future holds with electric and self-driving vehicles, and the use of artificial intelligence then this could be the beginnings of a career for you.