My name is Chloe. I joined the DVSA in February 2019 as an apprentice Customer Service Centre agent in the contact centre. I then obtained a permanent position within the same role. More recently, I have been fortunate to secure a permanent position within the Training Team after undertaking a temporary development opportunity.

My new role involves training new and existing staff in the various skillsets covered by DVSA. The training I deliver involves a mixture of classroom-based learning, practical exercises and listening in with subject matter experts (SME). The majority of our systems have training versions available which allows delegates to complete tasks similar to live calls/enquiries received from customers.

The role involves planning training courses including updating/amending packages, finding appropriate delegates based on their current skillsets and arranging the Pod once training has been completed. The Training Team are always eager to receive all types of feedback to improve the overall experience for delegates on courses. This is regularly reviewed, and changes are made accordingly.

Training is essential within the Customer Service Centre to ensure that there are enough agents dealing with the range of skillsets/enquiries DVSA deal with as well as ensuring the agents have all of the knowledge and resources available to them to deal with all types of enquiries.

My previous role was as a customer service agent in the Customer Service Centre. I undertook all training opportunities available to me which resulted in me being a multi-skilled agent. I believe this has provided me with a better understanding of training as I am familiar with almost all of the skillsets delivered by the Training Team. I also regularly volunteered myself as an SME for various training courses which allowed me to assist the Training Team and have an insight into the Training Manager role.

I have found working for DVSA as an organisation has many appealing benefits. These include flexible working, this allows me to have a well-balanced work and home life due to the flexibility and working patterns that is supported within the department. There are many career and training opportunities throughout the organisation which include job shadowing, coaching and mentoring.

DVSA has adapted in the current circumstances to continue to provide excellent customer service via all communication channels to our customers. I have been able to carry out my usual daily role whilst working from home.

DVSA aspire to provide a good workplace culture by creating engagement groups to promote.