DVSA, Chris Barnes, Head of Data Management

What is it like working in the Information Management, Security and Data Team?

I joined the DVSA as Head of Data Management in February 2022, having worked in the Civil Service since 2007.

What I can say is that joining this team has been a fantastic move. In the team you can take ownership of your work, while importantly being empowered to deliver.

Our wider team is responsible for all things data and information (including Cyber). My team specifically is responsible for delivering our data strategy, establishing data architecture (date catalogue, models, standards) as well as data governance and working with our data owners.

The team currently consists of six members and is steadily expanding. We have a central role in improving and increasing levels of data maturity and literacy in the Agency and creating the foundations to move DVSA to becoming a more evidence led and data driven Agency.

You will find yourself in an open and welcoming team which has strong relationship with the other digital and technology functions. Together we form a strong, multi-disciplinary team who are committed to working together for the benefit of the Agency.

What is the most exciting part of this role?

This is a new team playing a crucial role in the evolution of the Agency. We have just refreshed our data strategy to reflect the DVSA Vision to 2030. This ambitious vision shows a future built on increasing amounts of data and enabling new technologies like Connected and Autonomous Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence. These technologies will change the way we deliver our services, and my team will ensure we have the right foundations and capabilities to be successful.

As this is a new team we have free reign to design our data architecture, our catalogue, models, data dictionaries and glossary. We have the opportunity to work with data owners and modernise the way we manage and govern data. We have the opportunity to performance manage our data and demonstrate the value of doing so to the business.

This opportunity excites me in ways I can’t even describe. I’m so keen for you to join me and help with all the brilliant initiatives we have lined up.