I joined DVLA in September 2020 as an Administrative Assistant and I’m currently working as an Administrative Officer in the First Registrations department. My role consists of processing applications to register, licence, and assign registration numbers to vehicles that have been imported into the country from overseas.

My role requires me to utilise several systems and tools to assess applications and update records. I also correspond with DVLA customers and assist them with their applications. An exciting aspect to the role is that it’s incredibly varied, the applications we receive are for a diverse range of vehicles from all over the world.

During my time at DVLA I have gained confidence through developing my skills in decision making, problem solving and using complex systems.

I would highly recommend working at DVLA. There’s a large variety of positions available throughout the agency that will appeal to everyone. DVLA promote a culture of learning and provide opportunities for staff to enhance their skills and develop themselves. My teammates, team leaders and the support structure that surrounds us, makes DVLA a positive environment to work in.

Working at DVLA is challenging, rewarding, and engaging – It’s a fast-paced, friendly environment that’s motivating and fun.