I joined DVLA in April 2021, looking for new challenges and opportunities within my chosen profession. Until then, my career had been in the private sector, which would often see me working alongside government agencies. And by joining during the COVID-19 pandemic, it gave me many unprecedented challenges and opportunities that have already helped broaden and my professional career development.

DVLA is a fast-paced organisation set within an ever-evolving environment. My goal is to ensure that we are resilient – so that we can maintain our critical customer-facing services and are prepared should a disruptive incident happen.

Every day is different – it can vary from working with local teams to gather business information, to developing business continuity plans that will protect our services and reputation. In a business continuity role you need to understand how every business area ticks and I always look forward to learning something new from the people around me and across the organisation.

DVLA invests in the development of its staff and there are many opportunities to learn something new and diversify into other roles – it’s a place where your knowledge and expertise are valued. I feel we as a team make a difference.