As a Cloud Engineer, I get the opportunity to influence and change the way DVLA design and build their core infrastructure in the Cloud.

In 2016, DVLA implemented a reorganisation of its IT services and I was given the opportunity to move into the Cloud Engineering team. It was a big move for me as I had been in my previous role for nearly 10 years and my exposure to the technology had been limited to training courses. This is the best career move I have made. I am working with cutting-edge applications in a rapidly changing environment, using my coding skills to solve infrastructure problems and create an automated, pipeline-driven immutable platform. And, I’m having fun doing it!

My career in IT at DVLA has given me multiple opportunities for personal development, learning new engineering technologies, progressing from physical hardware right the way through Hyperconverged Infrastructure to ‘serverless’ deployments to the Cloud. It has been a fascinating journey and one I wouldn’t have missed for the world.