I’m David Jenkins and I’m the Media Relations Manager at DVLA.

My role leading DVLA’s press office team is fast-paced and varied; it might sound like a bit of a cliché, but no two days are ever the same.

The press office team sits at the heart of DVLA. Whether we’re dealing with queries from national newspapers, providing media guidance to senior officials, or engaging with the leading transport correspondents to deliver good news to over 40 million motorists, there’s no such thing as a ‘dull moment’ during the working day.  Fortunately, I lead and work with some great people, which makes it even more rewarding.

Since joining the Civil Service nearly 5 years ago, I’ve enjoyed a real wealth of opportunities to work alongside incredibly talented individuals and teams from across the civil service professions, on a wide range of exciting projects.  On any given day, I might find myself working with specialists in service design to understand how our new online services will benefit the public; liaising with DVLA’s doctors to ensure we give the best advice for motorists who have a medical condition, or briefing senior officials on our plans for the launch of a new campaign.

My role is dynamic and challenging, and luckily I’ve got great back-up – from my team here at DVLA, and the wider communications profession across the civil service.  DVLA has really supported my learning and development.  Participating in the Government Communication Service’s Early Talent Programme was an opportunity I relished, where I got to learn from the leading communications experts inside government and elsewhere.   The experience certainly helped me grow as both a communicator and leader, and I’ve got to meet and build relationships with colleagues from a wide range of different departments, with a wealth of different experience and perspectives. I also got to benefit from professional mentoring and coaching, which was something new for me and really got me thinking critically about how I approach my role.

DVLA really does provide so many opportunities where I can strive to ‘be my best self’, and supports me all the way.  Joining DVLA – and serving the public as part of the wider DfT Communications family – is a decision I’m delighted to have made. I am excited by what the future has in store, and five years on I still thrive on the challenges and opportunities that come my way every day.