Working for DVLA gives me the opportunity to build services that make a real difference to people’s lives with some of them processing billions in revenue.

I work as a software engineer and I am a core member of the team involved in the rewrite of the ‘Automated First Registration and Licensing’ system, which is used by all of the manufacturers and retailers in the UK, processing £3 billion in vehicle tax revenue. I was fortunate to be responsible for transforming legacy technology & infrastructure into modern micro-service architecture & RESTful API’s that are highly resilient, time & mission critical.

The size and scale of services that I’ve worked on cannot be understated. The software I make directly affects millions of people across the UK on a daily basis. Whether that’s registering a vehicle for the first time when buying a new car, enquiring about the tax status of your vehicle, or allowing the police to query our massive datasets to get the critical information they need as quickly as possible, the services we create are critical to the UK.