Project Manager in DfT’s Digital Service

I’ve worked at DfT for a little over 20 years, starting out in policy, and moving into Knowledge & Information Management. I am now based in the Department’s Hastings office and work in a project management role.

Since becoming a Project Manager in the Department’s Digital Service three years ago, I’ve managed a variety of exciting projects. In my first project management role, I oversaw the Department’s preparations for the new General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, ensuring we achieved compliance with the new rules by the time they came into force. Since then, I’ve managed the rollout of new software applications across the Department.

We completed the rollout of Microsoft Teams on schedule in March 2020, just as the country was about to enter lock-down, meaning that DfT staff – who overnight found themselves needing to work full-time from home – could continue to collaborate effectively with one another, even though face-to-face meetings were no longer possible. I am now overseeing the implementation of an App which will enable staff returning to work in the office to book a desk, ensuring safe social distancing is maintained.    

For me, the ability to maintain a good work-life balance is one of the major selling points of working at DfT. Back in 2006, with my line manager’s support, I switched to working a four-day week. It’s a pattern I’ve maintained ever since, enabling me to combine a rewarding career with interests outside of work – I’ve just published my second novel. More and more staff are taking up the opportunity to work flexibly – with managers rightly placing value on people doing a good job, rather than on what hours they are physically present in the office, or where they are based. The Department also provides the tools (hardware and software) needed to help make remote working a success.

I’ve also benefited from plentiful opportunities for learning and development. For example, I participated in a year-long programme designed to equip project managers with the confidence and skills to move into more senior project management roles. In my career at DfT, I’ve never had a request to undertake learning and development activity be refused.