I work as part of the Passenger Services Finance and Business Hub as a Finance Associate with responsibilities to monitor and report on Admin financial activities and well as review procurement request for financial robustness.

My day-to-day role involves managing Admin budgets, working with project teams to monitor project progress and its impact on financial risks and opportunities. This goes to support senior management decisions that helps maximise efficiency, ensuring the department continue to manage public money effectively.

DfT is a forward-looking department that offers opportunities for all skills and abilities and provides flexible working environment to suit work/life balance. Though challenging, I have found working in a finance environment very rewarding with excellent opportunities to acquire a wide range of skills which I have benefited from. This includes effective communication skills, teamworking, problem solving, leadership, organisational and many more. However, the department also offers tailored development opportunities including potential to acquire professional qualifications with management support for career development/progression.

The most interesting aspect of my role is engaging with staff at all levels providing excellent networking opportunities. I have received enormous support from my manager and team including work place adjustments that has helped me work more efficiently. There is also visibility of senior management who are readily available to offer support to all staff, taking diverse needs into consideration in their decisions and actions through collaboration with line managers to support staff better. With Covid 19 restrictions, they have continued to provide regular updates on current affairs via electronic media. They also continue to commend staff on the positive impact we make within and outside of the civil service.

I will recommend DfT as an all-round department that offers diverse opportunities, career development and excellent staff engagement that maximises productivity. Throughout these challenging times, the department has continued to engage with industry to provide efficient and safe travel experience for all.