DfT, Apprenticeships, Maddie Carney

Before joining DfT, I was working in different roles, unsure of where I wanted to go next. Thankfully, I applied for a DfT apprenticeship and haven’t looked back! 

My apprenticeship allowed me to gain exposure to wider business and to gain valuable skills and experience. I have not only progressed my career and been able to reach my personal goals but I have grown so much from a personal perspective too. When joining DfT, I was shy and lacked confidence in my abilities; the apprenticeship really helped me to confirm the knowledge I already knew but also encouraged me to go the extra mile and seize every opportunity.  

The confidence the apprenticeship gave me aided me in gaining a promotion within my team. Thankfully, I was able to continue with my apprenticeship in my new role which enabled me to continue to develop at my new grade.  

Since completing my apprenticeship and being awarded a distinction, I have been given the opportunity to line manage a new apprentice in DfT. This is a great chance for me to share my knowledge, allow the new apprentice to excel whilst offering them the support required to complete the apprenticeship to a high standard. Although the apprenticeship can be daunting at first, there is a strong support system available from both the apprentice team as well as the apprentice buddy scheme. These have supported me massively from the beginning and continue to do so.