DVLA, Digital, Clare Moseley

The DVLA is such a large presence in Swansea, and I relished the idea of being involved in the delivery of services, which are used across the country. I’d met lots of people since living in Swansea who work at the DVLA, and had heard they were a supportive employer who offered a great place to work.

I’ve been able to get involved in a variety of interesting projects and workstreams in the nearly two years I’ve worked at DVLA.  I’ve been able to work with a variety of people and made connections across the agency. Every day is different, and there are so  many different challenges and workstreams to get involved in. I’m quite ambitious and the DVLA has supported my ambition, providing me with training and development opportunities, and I have been supported to apply for promotions twice in the two years I’ve been at DVLA and been successful at furthering my career.

It’s really flexible here and the DVLA supports a healthy work-life balance whilst providing the opportunity to work on delivering services that reach millions of people.