Test Engineers at DVSA

You will play a critical role in the testing strategy of the large-scale DVSA developed digital services, ensuring all of our services are functioning properly. Working alongside development teams to identify and capture test cases, set up test environments and design and execute test plans for a range of DVSA digital projects and products.

Test Engineers will perform a mixture of manual and automated testing. Manual testing includes performing tests that have been scripted as well as exploratory testing. Exploratory testing relies on business knowledge, human observation skills, inquisitiveness, and experience to find bugs in a system which are sometimes hard to identify by scripted tests alone.

Becoming a Test Engineer

The skillset associated with the job of a test engineer is quite broad, but a working knowledge of programming languages will provide a solid base on which to build your career. You should also have curiosity, a strong interest in how things work and the ability to deconstruct products literally and metaphorically. There are formal courses and “bootcamps” available but DVSA is working on an apprenticeship that will allow us to help you develop all the skills needed to start your career as a Test Engineer

Follow this link https://www.gov.uk/guidance/test-engineer  to find out more info on career progression and what skills are needed at each stage.

Here we would like a short video from a current Test Engineer on what the role is like – we don’t currently have this but are working on getting it.

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