Software Developers at DVSA

At DVSA, a software developer can be working on a wide range of topics using many varied tools and technologies. At all levels, you will be creating, updating and maintaining code and will play a key role in the design, build, support, implementation and improvement of digital services, products and platforms across DVSA.

You will work in teams using Agile methodology in close collaboration with system architects, service designers, user researchers, test engineers and many other areas of the business. Software developers often have an input into what tools and technologies are used across the profession.

You don’t have to complete formal qualifications at degree level to become a software developer, and many are self-taught! 

Becoming a software developer

There are formal, academic courses available, but it is a fast-paced, evolving sector. If you have a mathematical aptitude, problem solving skills and attention to detail, you’re part way there! If you don’t have an IT-related degree, you may still be able to access a graduate trainee programme or a degree apprenticeship. At DVSA we are working on a software developer apprenticeship that will allow us to help you develop all the skills needed to become a great developer. 

Follow this link to find out more info on career progression and what skills are needed at each stage.

Here we would like a short video from a current software developer on what the role is like – we don’t currently have this but are working on getting it.

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