Head of Insurance, Technology and Enforcement Legislation

I joined the Civil Service in 2009, before that I studied firstly for a History Degree and then for a law Degree

Looking back, it has been quite a journey. Three Departments, seven jobs and lots of learning… from AO to Grade 7; from private office, to policy work, to leading UK delegations to the UN.

I worked in the House of Lords Chief Whips Office as Parliamentary Officer. This was front of house and through this I got to know many amazing people and learnt how everything works in Parliament – the House was great in the learning offered. Within a year, I was promoted to EO as an Assistant Private Secretary (APS). This was a big jump, because I was APS for four Government Lords Whips covering many Departments. The work was varied, interesting and gave me my first taste of primary legislation (European Union Act 2011).

In my first policy role, I joined the Department for Energy and Climate Change as their Ministerial and Policy Coordinator for the International Climate Change Directorate at HEO level. These were exciting times at the Department, and I was fortunate to be involved in the international climate change negotiations that happen at the UN, and finished my stint at the Department with the publication of the Governments plans for the Paris climate talks that concluded with the “Paris Agreement”.

Then I moved to the Department for Transport and haven’t looked back, over my 5 years here. It is truly a great Department to work for, and its work is varied beyond people’s assumptions of what we do. I joined the Dangerous Goods Division – holding two roles as an HEO and then SEO.

I had my first taste of management. There isn’t a handbook… lots of courses though, and great support to help you develop as a manager. I have fond memories of working in the Dangerous Goods Division and the opportunities to develop policy; focused mainly at the international level where the regulations are negotiated at the United Nations. This involved working closely with UK stakeholders to develop UK positions, and at the meetings helped me to develop my negotiating skills.  

This journey has helped me to excel in my 18 months as a Grade 7, where I am in my second role and lead a team of seven amazing individuals working on an exciting portfolio. A portfolio that covers domestic and international policy development, and everything from the safe introduction of automated vehicles, to developing motor insurance interventions, to reviewing the road traffic laws that underpin areas as broad as mobile phone use and failure to stop, to negotiating the Geneva and Vienna conventions on road traffic.

To deliver, I work closely with other parts of the Department, cross Whitehall and with external stakeholders to develop policy interventions and have experienced work on primary and secondary legislation as well as carrying out public consultations.

I highly recommend working for the Department for Transport. I enjoy leading a talented and professional team, who take real pride in their work. The work I do is challenging and varied and I am constantly pushed to develop and improve, and encouraged to carry on up the career ladder.