“I’ve always enjoyed working closely with people and engagement is such an important part of our working lives, therefore I feel passionately about engaging our staff. Being in HR has allowed me to expand my knowledge and understand the agency’s objectives on a larger scale, helping me see the bigger picture.

“Due to my role being a central position for the area, each day can look very different depending on my priorities and the demands from stakeholders. I meet with my team in the morning and run through our priorities for the week. I make sure that my team are supported, responding to any queries or concerns that they have. I meet regularly with my stakeholders and review plans for communications, campaigns, engagement activities and attraction events.

“I have worked in DVLA for 7 years. Every area is different and offers something for everyone. I feel proud to be part of the agency and especially a part of the HR family. I would recommend working for DVLA, there’s so many opportunities!”